I received a phone call from you? Why were you calling?

At some point, you've uploaded your CV to a website that shares it with employers. We work with these career websites to actively seek out potential teachers. One of our recruiters has come across your CV, liked what they've seen and decided to call you to see if it's something you might be interested in.

I’m nervous about working in China, can you provide an SAIC Licence?
We are happy to provide all candidates with copies of relevant SAIC licences and take concerns about our opportunity seriously. We’re committed to following the regulations governing the employment of foreign nationals and enabling them to enjoy their experience from start to finish.  

If you're unable to verify what we send yourself and still feel unsure we urge you to visit the Chinese embassy where they will be able to verify the authenticity of the certificate provided, or you may contact our solicitor who handles the notarization  of educational diplomas and police certificates with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office  and the Chinese embassy. Further details are available upon request.

Can I stay longer than 1 year?
If you’re happy with the position and want to continue working then you can extend your contract at any time.

Would I have the weekends free?
Normally, yes. Because of how public holidays work in China there are occasions when weekend work is required but these are offset by alternate days off.​

What holidays do I receive?
During the contract you get 4 weeks holiday.

Can my family and friends visit?
Yes and we can help you with travel arrangements and suggestions for places to visit and anything else you’re not sure about.

​What’s the dress code?
You should be smart and presentable when in the office or at your placement and most schools will expect that you wear smart-casual clothes such as a dress/skirt and blouse or a short-sleeved shirt, trousers and shoes (not trainers or sandals). Tattoos and face-piercings should not be visible when working.

Do I need any vaccinations before I travel?
Probably. Travelers are advised to be up to date on childhood and adult immunizations as well as having Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Typhoid vaccinations. We recommend you consult a medical professional at least one month before your planned departure date.

Why are you called Teach TEFL in China, isn't that a redundant acronym--and shouldn't you know better?!

What's great about English is how you can have fun with it - We liked the alliteration!

What’s the cost of living in China?
The cost of living in China is typically between 2/3 to 1/4 of that of the UK depending upon location. Day to day items such as groceries and certain items (computers, clothing, accessories) are very cheap, whereas imported items and foreign bars are more expensive.

To achieve the same standard of living that would require a salary of 22,000 GBP in London, necessitates earning around 80,000 RMB per year in China. The average teachers’ annual ‘take-home’ salary (excluding the value of rent and utilities bills) exceeds 86,000 RMB per year, and provides a standard of accommodation that would otherwise be out of reach.

Do I need to speak Chinese?
Teachers are not required to be fluent in Mandarin Chinese and will not be using Chinese in the classroom. Outside of the classroom, most people you meet will have a basic understanding of English.

What visa will I enter China with?
All teachers are brought out strictly in accordance with PRC laws and regulations on a working Z-type visa.

What is the process for gaining a work permit?
Once you’ve returned all the necessary documents we will translate them, set up your online training and submit the documents to a notary public, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Chinese embassy for verifications and legalizations. once that's completed the documents go to the appropriate Chinese city's  Foreign Experts Bureau for the work permit.

Once the work permit is approved, an electronic copy is sent to you for your records and assurance.

Am I likely to be refused a work permit?

No. All our candidates are carefully screened at the interview stage to ensure only those eligible for getting a work permit are offered positions. And because of the training we provide, all of our candidates are guaranteed to meet, if not exceed, the minimum criteria.

For summer 2016 work permit applications we enjoyed a 97 per cent success rate. For spring 2017 our success rate was 98 per cent.

How long does the recruitment process take?
From receiving the brochure to being in China can take as little as one month, it depends on how quickly we receive the necessary documents, including the DBS clearance, and the required notarizations and legalizations.

Will I need travel insurance?
We recommend that people purchase travel insurance to ensure coverage for missed flights and/or lost luggage, etc.

Can I come with friends or a partner?
If you would like to work here with other people we can arrange this for you and set you up together.

Frequently Asked Questions

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