Hassle-free housing.

There is no house more beautiful than the house you happily live in.

—Mehmet Murat İldan

We provide everyone with high quality furnished accommodation for the duration of their contract.

One of the biggest considerations for people working abroad is what to do about housing—and any problems, if they occur. We take care of housing for our teachers and will liaise with landlords or local service providers on their behalf.

We cover the cost of housing for our teachers, including deposits, rent, management fees as well as water, gas, and electricity bills. Everyone gets their own private room in furnished apartment with, wardrobes, kitchen, bathroom and white goods, including air conditioning and washing machine.

Safe and secure.
Off-campus apartments are in secure complexes with private security and controlled access.
Comfortable bedrooms.
Teachers in shared apartments get their own bedroom with wardrobe and air conditioning.
Western-style bathrooms.
Bathrooms are furnished with western-style toilets, exactly like you get back home.
Functional kitchens.
Kitchens have a fridge-freezer and gas or electric hob, and a washing machine.
On-Campus Accommodation.
On-campus accommodation is self-contained, with fridge-freezer, kitchenette, bathroom, large bed and washing machine.
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Let Zoe in Foshan give you a tour of her apartment.

We want teachers to feel at home in their apartments, so we make sure the accommodation we provide is high quality and meets our exacting standards. The pictures below are from accommodation that we currently provide and show what you can expect.

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