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Further training is provided through an induction programme of between one and five days (depending on a teacher’s placement, experience and ability) that allows teachers to practise and fine-tune their teaching skills with the assistance of their placement.

Throughout their employment teachers receive regular professional development training , supplementing and complementing their initial training with teacher training events and workshops.


We provide an effective training programme that includes an independently verifiable TEFL certification funded by ourselves and supported by a further induction in mainland China.

Candidates are enrolled onto the online course once they return the documents we need to submit their work permit application to the appropriate Chinese city's Foreign Expert Bureau. Training covers every aspect of English teaching abroad, including different teaching methodologies, the finer points of English grammar, how to plan lessons, how to manage a classroom, how to teach new vocabulary and how to properly correct errors.

we pride ourselves on offering the surest start to esl careers across mainland china and beyond