We provide a straightforward start to a rewarding teaching career, providing teachers with a package that takes the hassle out of working abroad and lets them focus on developing themselves and enjoying their experience.

We understand people new to ESL have concerns about the realities of living an working in China and about living standards and working conditions, so we work hard to provide our teachers with an industry-leading employment package that is straightforward and assured.

What we offer

Private Language Centres
Students are a mixture of teenagers and adults seeking to improve their English language skills for business or pleasure. Teaching takes place  in modern centres that are equipped with a coffee bar, computers with internet access, spacious and comfortable classrooms, libraries and luxury equipment such as a movie theatre.

Great teaching positions and great accommodation

We pride ourselves on being a responsible employer for ESL positions in China and aim to give everyone the best chance of success, minimising the practical difficulties associated with moving to a foreign country where you might not speak the language.

All of our teachers begin an effective, independently verifiable 120 hour TEFL course funded by us before they depart for China and benefit from us taking care of their accommodation, paying rent and property fees on their behalf and assisting with registrations and advice with our dedicated English-speaking assistance team, 

Public / Private Kindergartens & Primary/Middle Schools
Schools and students have their own local teachers for learning reading, writing and grammar, but what local teachers can struggle with is the spoken-side of foreign language learning. Most public schools have at least two native English-speaking teachers to allow students the opportunity to develop their spoken English by learning pronunciation, sentence structure and new vocabulary. Students range from primary to high school ages (5-16).

The Positions

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