5 Fun Chinese TV shows to check out

From gripping historical dramas to fantastical tales woven with martial arts mastery, the landscape of Chinese TV shows offers an enticing array of narratives often ignored in the West.

In this blog piece, we embark on a journey through some captivating Chinese television shows that provide a unique window into Chinese culture, history, and life. 

– Liam Edwards, Teach TEFL in China, 20 November 2023

Scissor Seven:

Scissor Seven is a Chinese anime that blends action, comedy, and drama. While at first glance it could easily be mistaken for a kids show, you probably need to be older to get the most enjoyment from it. The show follows Seven, a seemingly clumsy and unskilled hairdresser, who moonlights as an assassin. With an unusual set of tools, including scissors, he takes on various assignments while navigating personal challenges and uncovering his forgotten past.

The series has 4 seasons out and balances humor, engaging action sequences, and a surprising depth of character development, with fun side-kicks and good-natured absurdity.

Where to catch it: Netflix

God Troubles Me:

God Troubles Me is a 2 season slice-of-life anime that explores the comical yet profound journey of a young woman juggling adulting with her unusual and eccentric parents, themselves deities adapting to modern life after being sent down to the mortal world as punishment. 

As they navigate contemporary human life, they encounter everyday struggles, cultural clashes, and personal growth, making for a humorous and thought-provoking narrative that juxtaposes divine beings with mundane challenges and shows that wherever we may be, we all have a lot in common.

Where to catch it: Netflix

The Legend of Bruce Lee:

This biographical series chronicles the life of the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee. It follows his journey from a young martial arts enthusiast to becoming a global icon in the world of martial arts and cinema. The show delves into his training, struggles, and rise to fame while showcasing his philosophy and influence on the martial arts world, providing a comprehensive look at his life and legacy.

Historical accuracy gives way to more of a hagiography and the production values are unashamedly cheap, but the show is earnest and the action sequences are well done. If you can enjoy so-bad-it’s-good entertainment then you’ll find a lot to enjoy here – especially the cringe-inducing English choruses to songs that play at dramatic moments.

Where to catch it: Netflix


Three-Body is an adaptation of the popular sci-fi novel The Three Body Problem, by Liu Cixin. Set against the backdrop of China’s Cultural Revolution and the near future, the series explores humanity’s encounter with an advanced alien civilization. It delves into complex themes of science, technology, philosophy, and the consequences of humanity’s actions, offering a compelling narrative that combines science fiction with socio-political commentary. 

Netflix is working on their own adaptation and it will be interesting to compare the two. Fans of the book and hard science fiction should appreciate how faithful this Chinese adaptation is – but as a result it can feel frustratingly slow at times.

Where to catch it: YouTube

The Untamed:

The Untamed blends fantasy, adventure and intricate storytelling within the realms of ancient martial arts cultivation. Set in a world of magic and questionable CGI, the narrative revolves around Wei Wuxian, a charismatic and mischievous figure, and Lan Wangji, a reserved and principled swordsman. Their paths intertwine as they uncover dark secrets, navigate political intrigues, and confront supernatural forces threatening their world.

Aside from its compelling character arcs, “The Untamed” boasts interesting cinematography, good martial arts choreography, and a richly detailed (if somewhat baffling) fantasy world.

Where to catch it: Netflix

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